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Jeremy Leval, University of Illinois MBA Student

Why This Page?

Short answer: To defend ourselves against a hater.

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On May 12, 2013, Jeremy Leval and his girlfriend interacted with an EAC driver at Armory around 2:50 pm. According to a witness, Jeremy Leval approached the driver and asked if he had heard of Suburban Express. Jeremy Leval went on to boast that he is the guy who is causing Suburban Express lots of trouble. This makes us question Jeremy Leval's motivation. Is he a selfless individual fighting for the rights of the oppressed, or is he just a narcissistic, self-promoting, troublemaking, attention-seeker?


Suburban Express has been around since 1983. In the 31 years we've been in business, we've had some people copy us. They generally fail because they are not able to duplicate our high quality and reasonable prices.

Most of our passengers are 18-22 years of age, with the average being towards the lower end of that range. Most student passengers are polite and willing to cooperate with our drivers and loading supervisors. A small number are not.

The Jeremy Leval Situation

Now and then, we encounter extreme personalities who seem unhappy with everything around them, or who like to create commotion and conflict, or who thrive on attention. A recent passenger, Jeremy Leval, seems to fit that mold.

On March 31, 2013, Jeremy Leval posted a rant on Facebook about something that happened on one of our buses. He was apparently very excited to have something to gripe about, because he posted his rant almost immediately after the conflict he escalated had occurred.

Suburban Express immediately commenced an investigation of the incident. We sent emails to all passengers on Jeremy Leval's bus. Although we did receive numerous responses from passengers, none of seemed to witness the incident about which Jeremy complained. But virtually everyone who responded mentioned Jeremy's behavior and conduct - even people who boarded the bus later on in the trip.

We spoke to the owner of the bus that Jeremy rode on. He, in turn, spoke to his driver. It sounded as if the driver may not have exactly upheld our high standards, but it seemed clear that Jeremy had exaggerated his claims quite substantially. Nevertheless, we all agreed that all passengers should be treated with respect. Therefore, the owner of the bus that Jeremy rode called Jeremy to apologize for any unprofessional actions which he had witnessed. Jeremy did not answer, so the owner left a voice mail apology for Jeremy. Keep in mind, Jeremy was a *bystander*, not the person who the driver may have upset.

Jeremy then proceeded to stir up awareness of the situation which he claims he witnessed. Strangely, Jeremy apparently did not mention that he had received an apology. Although he was quoted numerous times, peddling his apparently-dramatized version of what he saw, Jeremy never mentioned that he promptly received an apology. Had he done that, it's hard to imagine anyone would have continued listening to him.

Jeremy Leval seemed to have many negative things to say about Suburban Express. When we looked up his purchase history, we were surprised to find that he had purchased about 37 rides on Suburban Express, including 9 this semester alone. Jeremy has been telling others to vote with their feet/dollars, or some variation on that theme. Yet Jeremy seems unwilling to take his own advice. After all, if he hates Suburban Express as much as he seems to, wouldn't he have stopped riding after twenty or thirty rides?

A blogger suggested that Leval may have been motivated to harrass Suburban Express as a means of furthering his business interests. Awhile back, Jeremy announced his new business . He had a lot to say about it on YouTube and, no doubt, elsewhere. But Jeremy told the student newspaper that he never launched or intended to launch the business. Perhaps this failure left Jeremy upset.

Here's an interesting article. Without any sense of shame, Jeremy seems to completely live up to the stereotyped image of the entitled child who expects mommy and daddy to build his nest for him: Article about Jeremy by Jeremy

In any event, we just thought you should know the rest of the story. We believe that the fact that Jeremy Leval has apparently never acknowledged the apology he received plus the gloating statement he made on May 12 inevitably lead one to conclude that Jeremy Leval is nothing but a narcissistic, bullying, self-important brat.

Blog Trash

Jeremy Leval Reddit usernames seem to include: SweetHackinJustice (confirmed 2/23/16 during sworn testimony by Jeremy himself), Super-Spyder, Oh-Yes-He-Did, alian-alian, cookiemonsterman, domasai, GokuBlocks, and FreshOuttaWater (confirmed 2/23/16 during sworn testimony by Jeremy himself). On Wikipedia, you can find him posting trash as IlliniStudent, IlliniStudent1234, and others. Jeremy has identified himself several times in various forums (ie popehat comment section) and thereby revealed his identity in other forums, ie via identical usernames, etc.


Counterclaim filed against Jeremy Leval

Here's a person from Oklahoma named Jeremy Leval

Everything on this page is true to the best of our knowledge and belief, or it is our opinion.

This may be Jeremy Leval from Highland Park, IL.