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Suburban Express defends itself against KATHERINE CHI (aka Tseylin?)

A Girl on a Mission

AlmosGrad100 on Reddit
AlmostGrad on Wikipedia (for link between Reddit and Wikipedia, view AlmostGrad's Wikipedia user page)

The First We Heard of Her

We looked her up and found that she rode twice. Nothing eventful happened on either trip, as far
as we could tell. We received no complaints. We noticed that on the trip where she had a female driver
she had to board the second bus in a line of buses traveling together. The female driver had driven
our trips many, many times by the time Katherine rode.

Katherine had some specific complaints:

- Suburban Express overesells buses. This is false. She may have misunderstood load being split 
between multiple buses. At some point, the first bus loading will fill, and people must board the
second bus. That doesn't mean we've sold more tickets than there are seats. It just means that we
have more passengers than fit on one bus. 

- Her driver asked for directions to the highway. This is surely a fabrication. The driver of her bus
would have had no cause to ask for directions out of Champaign-Urbana since she had done the very same
run many, many times.

And then she made some nonsensical claims which aren't worth addressing.

We have no idea what set Katherine off, but her review has little correlation with reality.

Full-Blown Obsession on Reddit (6.2 mb!)

Speaking as AlmostGrad100 on Reddit, she seems to provide evidence that she has a full-blown 
obsession with Suburban Express. And it sort of looks as if she may be hooked on Reddit as a means 
of obtaining external validation. She seems to specialize in making unsubstantiated claims about 
every topic she discusses.

Full-Blown Obsession on Wikipedia (120kb)

Speaking as AlmostGrad on Wikipedia, Katherine has tirelessly worked to inject her skewed view 
into articles on Suburban Express and Streisand Effect. The other "editors" on Wikipedia slapped 
down her ridiculous edits to the Streisand Effect article, but she and paid editor who works in 
PR seem to have devoted an enormous amount of time to injecting inaccurate information into the 
Wikipedia article about Suburban Express while simultaneously deleting neutral historical 
information. Again, we wonder what has sparked her apparent obsession.

Growing up in the Desert

This seems to be Katherine's childhood home. What happened here? When people ask about the counseling
center at the University of Illinois or mental health issues, Katherine's alter-ego online seems to
answer quickly.

Katherine Chi Website

Here's her personal website. We wish she'd focus on finishing her dissertation instead of spending 
all her time trashing us online.

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