We carried about 100,000 passengers in the past year. Imagine what would
happen on a day when we're running 75 buses (as we did on three occasions
this academic year) if 5% of the students decide to ride the wrong bus, ask
for a bus to wait for them, claim they bought a ticket but forgot to ride
it, or in general ask for special treatment. Imagine the effect that all of
this would have on the other 95%. It would be chaos.

We have a few very simple rules. Bring a printed ticket. Don't try to get
on a bus you can't get a ticket for because it's sold out by using a ticket
for another date. Don't try to get two rides when you have only paid for
one. Don't try to ride with a counterfeit ticket.

Most people find these rules quite reasonable, and most follow them.
Unfortunately, about 1/10 of one percent of our customers choose to try to
cheat us. When we detect a cheater, we send them a letter asking that they
make good on their deal with us. When they refuse, we ask the court for
assistance in collecting the money that is owed to us.

If we don't pursue cheaters and recover the revenue that is owed to us,
the cost of tickets will go up for the honest passengers. Also, if we let
the cheaters skate, we'd have more and more cheaters.