Suburban Express Response Page

Suburban Express Response Page

Everything on this page is our opinion, duh.

Suburban Express has been offering speedy, reliable bus service between Champaign and
Chicago suburbs for 35 years. Most customers receive high quality service and leave
satisfied. Sometimes we mess up. When we do, we do our best to make good - often 
providing coupons for free trips for even a small delay. 

But sometimes, people react disproportionately to problems, or they invent 
problems in their own heads. In the old days, these people would sit and stew on 
their own. Today, the miracle of the Internet allows unhappy people to fling their 
feces all over the place. 

Below, we respond to some detractors:

Michael Kilcullen
Naama Firestone <-- this is the nuttiest customer we've ever dealt with
Katherine Chi 
Jeremy Leval 
Bharat Ponnaluri 
Joel Steinfeldt 
Jiayun Foo
Siyao Luan
Chris Mulreed 
David King
Siyao Luan
Murph Finnicum
Sami Usmani
Katherine Chi

Here, we discuss some customers who have attempted to distract us from our mission of 
providing speedy, reliable service at a reasonable price:

Bridget Jasinski, spoiled little tyrant
Jason Dienhart, Badly Behaved Little Pustule <--- Bonus: this one has a video
Laurie Casas, Plastic Surgeon and son Manfred Kubler
Anne Mauro, Defendant
Steven Kozicki, Park Ridge, IL Attorney

Our advice to these people:

"It was when I was really young that I sincerely believed to be an old soul 
reincarnated and I could even say it gave me a sense of superiority over 
others. But then as I subsequently did everything the wrong way round I 
concluded that it was actually my first time on earth and that I should learn 
to be a bit more humble."

Everything on this page is true to the best of our knowledge or belief, or it is
our opinion.